Disney Springs Entertainment Schedule for the week of July 21st to the 27th

Below is the entertainment schedule for Disney Springs the week of July 14th to the 2oth. It doesn’t include entertainment inside restaurants like Raglan Road and Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ but many of the restaurants do offer live entertainment as well so do check them out. Artists marked with * denotes our personal favorites so if you’re tight on time, we highly recommend these performers.

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  • Marketplace Stage: 7:30pm-11:15pm(10:30pm Fri, Sat)
    • Sunday, Wednesday & Thursday: Nicholas Marks*
    • Monday & Tuesday: Haze Over Hollywood*
    • Friday & Saturday: DescenDance Party
  • Live Music at Dockside Margaritas: 12:30pm-5:15pm, 5:30pm-10:15pm
    • Sunday: Gerardo Manrique*, Mitch Corbin
    • Monday: Matt Shenk, Mitch Corbin
    • Tuesday: Bryan Malpass*, Mitch Corbin
    • Wednesday & Thursday: Phil Bonnano*, Mitch Corbin
    • Friday: Matt Shenk, Phil Bonnano*
    • Saturday: Gerardo Manrique*, Pat Frost


The Landing:

  • Live Music at Waterview Park near The BOATHOUSE:
    • Sunday 6:30pm-10:15pm: Delta Sky Trio
    • Monday & Tuesday 6:30pm-10:15pm: La Calle*
    • Wednesday 6:15pm-10:00pm: Kalinka Duo
    • Thursday & Saturday 6:30pm-10:00pm: Drey-C
    • Friday 6:15pm-10:00pm: Nicholas Marks*


    • Thursday 10:00pm-1:00am: Late Night DJ Dance Party – DJ Scott
    • Friday & Saturday 10:00pm-1:00am: Late Night DJ Dance Party – DJ Mike


Live Music at the “Lime Node”(near the Lime Garage exit): 7:00pm-10:45pm

  • Sunday-Tuesday: Don Black
  • Wednesday, Friday & Saturday: Nova Era
  • Thursday: Strolling Harpist Deanna Carolina


  • Live Music at Exposition Park near Food Trucks: 7:15pm-11:00pm(10:45pm Sun, Fri)
    • Sunday & Friday: Drey-C
    • Monday & Tuesday: Kalinka Duo
    • Wednesday: Haze Over Hollywood*
    • Thursday: Bryan Malpass & Billy Jones*
    • Saturday: Nik & Reema
  • Live Music at the “Orange Node”(near the Orange Garage exit, by the planter facing the Coca-Cola Store): 7:00pm-10:45pm
    • Sunday: Right on Key
    • Monday & Tuesday: Nik & Reema
    • Wednesday & Saturday: Delta Sky Trio
    • Thursday: Kalinka Duo
    • Friday: Bryan Malpass & Billy Jones*

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