True love and true friendship blossom in the shadow of the Magic Kingdom.

Step inside the Disney bubble and meet Cami and her best friends as they navigate through real life and the real friendships they count on when life at Disney isn’t all fantasy.

Charlotte Roberts flawlessly runs a family owned B&B that sits directly behind Magic Kingdom. Aside from her hostessing and business demands, she’s trying to raise a daughter who doesn’t believe in magic or true love, all the things Charlotte believes most.

Summer Storm is the kind of woman everyone notices. Owner of a Good Neighbor Resort near Disney Springs, she has the attentions of any man she wants and enjoys life to the nth degree.

Mackenzie Halowell is the entertainment director at Disney Springs, with her youngest daughter away at college, it’s time Mak defines life on her terms. If only she knew what they were.

Kataliyah Eververse is a YouTube sensation, tarot reader, and spiritual personality. To the world she’s calm, composed, and in the know. In her real life, she struggles every day with spiritual gifts, psychic premonitions, and the relationship with ex-fiancee, and current business partner, David Nobel, astrologer to the stars.

Cordelia Ashbaugh is a world traveler, healer, and past life regression therapist. Every day she is confronted with bigger realities than most would ever be able to wrap their minds around, but somehow carries that burden with dignity and gratitude for a life she never expected.

Camilla Roberts, single mother, successful romance novelist, and true friend. Despite her worries over her young adult kids and their challenges, her life is almost everything she ever dreamed. Everything but true love, but then, that doesn’t really exist… does it?

Cami and her best friends live the Disney Springs life, join their story and end each day with friendship, romance, and music at The Springs.

Rockin the Springs was created to bring Disney, romance, hope, and love into the readers life. Each book is a compilation of four short stories designed to easily fit into our hectic lives. Each story furthers the adventures of Cami and her friends as they follow dreams, find love, and support one another through all that life holds.

Our favorite unsolicited review so far: “Oh my gosh. I want to hate you!!! I love this so much already I can’t get any work done!!! I keep stopping to read!!!”

A Wish Your Heart Makes

Available December 25th


Cami’s side hustle sparks an encounter with a sexy guitarist that leaves her breathless and asking if real magic actually exists in the most magical place on earth.

An invitation for dinner starts with a naked man, turns a corner at polyamory, and has all the girls arguing the merits and drawbacks of believing in the elusive one.

Cami questions whether or not Rafe is really in the relationship with her, or just playing her along which has all the girls considering their various levels of singlehood.

The girls head out for a night at the Spring’s best hot spot, but another accidental run in with Nic has Cami looking for air and ending up in the arms of Hunter.

should something real begin

Available January 1st


Cami’s romantic trip to Pittsburgh turns into anything but. In the end, the only question that matters is can she live with Rafe keeping secrets? Especially when the secret is her.

Cami’s discovery about Nic makes her take a harder look at her constant willingness to be “nice”, while Summer is given a proposition that would change her life permanently.

Charlotte decides to host a spiritual retreat weekend at the B&B and quickly gets in way over her head requiring Cordelia and Kat to run to the rescue.

Cami and Mak spend an unforgettable night at Juerga where destiny, magic, and possible insanity collide in an unavoidable way.

Barely Even Friends

Available January 10th


Being stranded never seemed like a plus until a handsome rescuer sweeps in and reminds Cami just where her heart belongs.

Kat and David sit down to discuss what went wrong between them and deeper talks between Cami and Nic have Cami thinking about the dreaded S (soulmate) word.

When a strange opportunity presents itself, Nic and Cami take a spontaneous trip to Paris.

The girls take a roadtrip to Cocoa Beach intent on rejuvenation and get entangled with the goddess of adventure.